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My Peeps!!!! Please support me and help me fundraise for an amazing cause! At Habitat for Humanity we work many facets to help families and communities thrive. One of those facets is what you're likely most familiar with when you hear about Habitat for Humanity, construction of new homes from the ground up. We are able to do so buy building the homes predominantly ourselves alongside volunteers and future homeowners with funds raised through events such as our yearly Women Build Campaign. 2020 was a bust, so let's join forces and bring Women Build back with a force! If you find it in your hearts and your pockets, please donate any amount you're able.

If you feel inspired, please join our cause, share this post, donate multiple times and put good vibes and frequencies out in this Universe!

Thank you! Gooooo Team!!!!

Women Build 2021

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Habitat for Humanity of South Palm Beach County "WOMEN BUILD" is a hands-on fundraising event in which women come together to raise fund and build homes hard-working, low-income families in our community who are in need of simple, decent, affordable housing.  

WOMEN BUILD 2021 will take place May 5th ,6th ,7th & 8th.  This year on-site build shifts are limited in order to practice safety and maintain social distancing.  

Women Builders may build solo or invite their friends and colleagues and form teams.  

Every participant is required to raise a min. of $500 by May 4th (this is a one-time reduced goal offered due to Covid-19).
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